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Sam Plecic – Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz

Sam Plecic: Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz:Sam Plecic is an experienced Swiss entrepreneur. He is founder of award-winning Swiss communication agency Digital Marketing Schweiz, a full service provider in the digital field, specialized in Motion Pictures/Video animations, Websites, SEO, Event Marketing and Public Relations.

Sam Plecic – Founder of Digital Marketing Schweiz

Sam is a free spirit and always open for new ways to find alternatives to existing mainstream or to make the first footsteps in the snow where no-one was before was always a driving force in his life. Sam Plecic grew up in the beautiful Swiss Bernese Oberland at the lake of Thouneafter living the first years of his life at the Croatian coast where he was born. After finishing scholarship in Switzerland he spent his practical studies in the United Kingdom and France with working stations in Wales, England and Scotland.

All About Sam Plecic

Sam has an unusual professional career: After a commercial apprenticeship and the time in UK, where he acted as an after sales& fair manager in the sanitarian industry he spent almost three years at McKinsey & Co., a mind and working attitude shaping environment.

After extensive traveling in Asia in 1996 he landed in the digital industry with Unisource (first Internet backbone in Switzerland) and Swisscom, where he developed the first web-based Process Management System ever built in Switzerland. This work was honored and awarded by SGS, the most important Swiss process audit facility.

Besides this work he developed parallelly his passion, anartist management label (Loco-Motive) with his younger brother, which they ran for six years togehter. The company was based in Zurich/Switzerland, the offered services covered were band management, studio bookings, sound mastering, live tour set up including PR/event marketing.

Learning HTML coding in 1996 was the starting point for the rest of his professional life until today: Working places at Volvocars (Head of CRM/E-Commerce), Switzerland Global Enterprise (Head of Marketing/Sales) and OrellFssli (Information broking, Head of Marketing/PR) have formed his knowledge, experience and decision to start an own business in 2008.

The first company was typical entrepreneur start with all the good and the less good experiences as an entrepreneur with first clients like Saturn/Media Markt, Dun&Bradstreet or was launched by Sams PR in Switzerland, which was the beginning of a success story.

A mandate in 2012 at Thingle, a social shopping platform like Pinterest, shaped his way into digital as it is today: Sam acted as a Head Communications/PR and built the biggest Facebook community of a Swiss company at that time. The PR buzz in the US (NBC, ABC, Yahoo) and UK made some noise in Switzerland, Swiss boulevard was writing about the new Facebook as they thought at that time.

Sam Plecic andSwiss Startup Summit

This was noticed by the responsibles of the startup incubator where Thingles office was. As Thingle shut his platform down after two years, Sam and his brand-new company Digital Marketing Switzerland were mandated with Communication/PR for the Zurich-based incubator, financed by the City of Zurich, who eventually became one of Digital Marketing Switzerlands first customers in 2013.

Sam Plecic developed within this mandate the first national fair for the Swiss Startup ecosystem, the Startupfair. He invented the legendary Startup-Battles as part of the Startupfair concept, where startups pitched on a Rockstar setup with huge stage, event light, concert amplifiers in front of 1500 visitors.

The project was awarded with the highest national honor in the Swiss Marketing industry, the Swiss Marketing Trophy. Digital Marketing Switzerland is working for companies like the City of Zurich, Post finance, cablecom, Sony Music, Metropolis Recording Studios (UK) and Phocus Wright (USA).

In 2015, Sam launched two fresh projects: The Swiss Startup Summit and LiVE! Premium Fan Technology.

The Summit was a 10-month campaign in 2016, a Startup Pitching roadshow broadcasted in Swiss national TV and regional TV stations. The scope was to support Swiss Startups for free and to present the economy location Switzerland abroad with impressive results: More than 900 Swiss Startups registered for the events, many of them received free coaching and free promotion material like pictures and videos of their pitches. South-Africa as guest country was involved, co-operation inquiries from USA, Germany, Sweden, South Corea and Israel were a direct result of the campaign, same as 1+ million reach within our built network.

The campaign was successful, but too time-consuming for a potential sequel in 2017, as the second project evolved faster than expected:

LiVE! Premium Fan Technology has hit the market in 2017 with mainly international customers from the Sports and Entertainment industry. LiVE! is a smartphone-based 360 degree fan experience platform which enables i.e. Musicians to trade directly to the end customer (= Spotify or similar not needed). Or brands with large Social Media communities can monetize them.

LiVE! is the first interactive entertainment system of its kind, iconic brands like the Metropolis Recording Studios in London with customers like Drake, Rihanna, U2, Rolling Stones and many more are using the revolutionary LiVE! technology for them and their clients.

LiVE! is offered to the Sport & Entertainment industry, Celebrities/Sportsmen and the Sponsoring industry. In 2018, a self-customizable low-budget mass version will make LiVE! available to SMEs and Brick & Mortars shops. Sam Plecic is founder, owner and CEO of Digital Marketing Switzerland and LiVE! Premium Fan Technology.

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